“Learn from the community,
give back to the community”.

A big part of what we've learned in UX comes from online reading: articles, tutorials, resources, blogs. It’s all available out there, for free — and all you have to do is invest some time to dig it up.

But there’s a lot.

UX is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a lot of clutter, noise and disorientation.

This weekly newsletter is our attempt at curating some of that content and giving it back to the community in a more structured and digestible way. 


What's in the newsletter?

The top 10 links of the week related to User Experience, Interaction Design, Product Design and Usability. Links that will make you think; not Sketch tutorials or Dribbble shots.

Highlights with the best ideas we've seen that week – apps, useful tools, resources and intriguing ideas.


Who are we?


Fabricio Teixeira
Design Director @ Work & Co


Caio Braga
Senior UX Designer @ 99Designs