A comprehensive list of UX design methods & deliverables

Your weekly list of curated design resources, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

The most common tool, methods, processes, and deliverables that designers use throughout the digital product design process.

Learn all of them, but don’t obsess about them. Our goal as designers should be to seek clarity, not to impose a specific path to achieve it.

A comprehensive list of UX design methods & deliverables →

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Editors’ picks

Whatsapp privacy backlash →
The dawn of privacy-driven product Design.

Measuring UX →
“We cannot afford to focus on UX, we are not even profitable”.

AI with purpose →
When are we going to start designing AI with purpose?

This illustration was created in Figma. Yep. I know. By Martin Bekerman.

Food for thought

Whatever-centered design →
”User-centered design came about like this: technology companies disconnected from their user base needing to generate qualitative differentials for their products and services in saturated markets. It is an abstract inclusion and a concrete exclusion, because the users who participate in the project have no decision power. Users receive gifts or financial compensation for the time granted to the company, but there is no participation in the intellectual property created from their experience.”

Trump’s aesthetics of hate →
”Ultimately, Donald J. Trump the caricature laid the foundation for a brand that emboldened and radicalized the right. Built atop the American flag, supported by stolen work, and intermixed with homegrown memes, Trump’s impact on political design will linger, even with President Joe Biden sworn into office.”

Why Tailwind isn't for me →
”Whoever it was built for, it was not built for me. And in one sense, that's fine. There are tons of web technologies out there which I'll never use. Doesn't mean they're bad. There are plenty of groovy tech stacks to go around. The problem I keep running into however is this increasing popular sentiment that Tailwind is the future (man). It's the way things should be done. In other words, it's opinionated and it inspires a cadre of evangelists.”

Modern retro computer terminals: created by Oriol Ferrer Mesià during the pandemic to get familiar with modern parametric 3D design tools, the limits of 3D printing and fabrication.

Little gems this week

Learning 3D modeling in 14 weeks

UI cheat sheet: Icon style reference guide

The ugly history of Comic Sans

Tools and resources

Clip path CSS →
How clip-path works and when to use it.

Inspyr icons →
Click to copy. Simple as that.

Collecta →
Capture and upload your inspiration.

The year in illustration, according to The NY Times.

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