Are digital services becoming the new utility companies?

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“Now, it seems that internet services increasingly feel similar to utilities; consider music and video streaming services, news and even games. Most of the internet giants are beginning to offer entertainment within utility bundles for the home.“

Are digital services becoming the new utility companies?

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Editors’ picks

What happened when I stopped using Emojis
How does the lack of emoji affect my conversations with others?

How to minimize the side effects of your product?
Saving the products you have your fingerprints on.

Why language is the most crucial part of any design process
And how to survive if you struggle with it.

This website helps you find healthy mobile games. Yes, they still exist.

Food for thought

Neat and scruffy work in digital tools
“Sometimes creative work is neat, orderly, tidy, but most of the time it’s not—it’s scruffy, messy, disorganized. Computing environments for creative work don’t support ‘scruffy’ work very well, nor do they make it easy for neat and scruffy work to peacefully coexist. Can we do better?”

Will kids in the near future refer to virtual study as ‘school’?
“We know that most of the time, fastly-taken decisions usually become long-lasting solutions, and this is the time to ask ourselves: What are the real impacts of these fast changes on systems of education? What is the role of UX to ease this traumatic experience for a plethora of potential users?”

Three simple ideas for better election poll graphics
“There are multiple organizations that produce election polls, and the results often differ significantly. And sometimes, a pollster may just get it wrong, without any political bias involved. Political polls are not an exact science after all.”

Little gems this week

Alexander Isley: A designer with nonconventional thinking

Designing for the illusion of speed

Sneakers, unboxed

Tools and resources

Skip links
Why skip-links are important for accessibility.

Adobe XD
Building micro-interactions in Adobe XD.

Pairing fonts
3 ways to find great typeface combinations.

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