Can Squid Game make you a better UX designer?

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The South Korean survival drama has captured millions of viewers, but is there a hidden lesson in there for UX Designers?

Can Squid Game make you a better UX designer?

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Editors’ picks

The future of design: a bureaucratic dystopia
Can we stop design from getting consumed by the machine?

Let the designers design
Is your design project stuck? Start designing.

Losing our language
How artificial intelligence preserves endangered languages.

The million-dollar question: Is this a Marvel character or a font?

Make me think

Research as understanding
“I misunderstood the nature of research for most of my life, and this prevented me from doing any. I thought significant research came from following the scientific method until novel discoveries popped out. But it turns out the novel discovery is just a side effect. You don't make novel discoveries by trying to make novel discoveries.”

Why Is everything more expensive right now?
“‘There is a war being waged in container terminals around the world,’ says Sebastien Breteau, the CEO of QIMA, which does quality control along the supply chain. Freight forwarders and shippers are fighting one another to get shipping slots.”

The case against heatmaps
“Heatmaps seem robust and authoritative. They look cool and they add a sheen of data driven credibility that you can use to support your design decisions. But they are rarely actually useful. And what's more, they're a shallow proxy for the more revealing yet more involved research methods that they risk supplanting.”

Little gems this week

Designers: be among your users

The future of gaming personalization: Street Fighter lab

A 4500-year-old lesson in product design

Tools and resources

UX research tools
17 tools that will streamline your research.

Design podcasts
The best podcasts to level up your design game.

Figma organization
The Library + Flow approach to organizing Figma files.

Check out the 25 most iconic book covers in history.

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