Dear designer: Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful

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“We like to think high-level planning is for leadership only. But when you suddenly become responsible for strategy (as may be the case in a startup or smaller company), you may get nothing short of goosebumps — and for good reason. When you’re dealing with higher-level work, you’re no longer building behind the screen.”

Dear designer: Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful

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Editors’ picks

It is time to ditch the title “Evangelist” from Accessibility
We aren’t trying to convert anyone to a faith.

Love robots + UI
The role of AI in the design industry.

Gathering insights when you don’t have access to your users
User research in government without users.

We might be sharing an office again
Just maybe not a physical one.

In defense of templates
An overlooked tool for engagement and productivity.

Morisawa, the official font provider for Tokyo 2020.

Food for thought

Is it time to ditch the design grid?
“With the advancements in CSS layout in recent years, the design grid feels more like a hangover from print than ever. A solution to a problem that, on the web, we simply don’t have.”

Joining hypergrowth startups
“You are hired to fix problems; not to point them out. Most problems your company faces are not hard. There are just lots of them. You are not hired to point them out but to solve them.”

Love and loss in the age of AI
“The death of the woman he loved was too much to bear. Could a mysterious website allow him to speak with her once more?”

Little gems this week

From a colourblind designer: please stop using red and green together

Get better at using color palettes with choropleth maps

Optimizing your own performance as a designer

Tools and resources

30 Figma updates
Recent features and fixes in Figma.

Take charge of your UX copy from design to code.

Figma > Sketch
The finer things that make a difference.

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