Designers: it’s time you learned how the sausage is made

Your weekly list of curated design resources, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

As designers, we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We’re part of a system that relies on collaboration across many disciplines. Once designs leave our control, we’re not done. A lot has to happen to get our product successfully into the hands of our customers.

Together, we are only as good as our weakest link. If you don’t have some understanding of how the other teams around you work, you probably are the weak link. And you are probably creating more work for yourself and your team members.

Designers, it’s time you learned how the sausage is made →

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Editors’ picks

No-mouse challenge →
Taking the keyboard navigation red pill.

Beyond human-centered →
Do we need a new approach for designing with AI?

The UX of deadnaming →
When systems don’t differentiate legal name from chosen name.

Kris Sowersby from I Love Typography breaks down their favorite typefaces of 2020.

Food for thought

The ‘culture’ layer →
”When discussing the Pace Layer model, I often hear objections about the ‘Culture’ layer’s low placement on the diagram. After all, there are aspects of culture that change very quickly. Consider words like bokeh or email, which would’ve stumped William Shakespeare, or emoji. These are certainly cultural innovations, and they undoubtedly change faster than governance systems or infrastructure.”

Why goals don’t work as we expect →
”We think if there’s a goal, we’re continually moving towards it. The goal resembles a destination, and it seems as if our desire is strong enough, we’ll be able to get there.
But it’s not the case.”

Why we need mindful notifications & how to design them →
”Barring those who have made a conscious and concerted effort to turn them off, push notifications disrupt our flow on a daily basis. What is the state of play with notifications?”

UX Collective writer Mike Malewicz breaks down how he’s got nearly 2M
Medium views in 16 months

Little gems this week

Good design is invisible. But so is design that harms.

How to build a solid portfolio system in the age of design trends

Design agency vs in-house design team

Tools and resources

No more Facebook →
Privacy-friendly alternatives to Facebook that don't track you.

Unloved →
A marketplace where you can buy pre-owned tech subscriptions.

Accessible buttons →
A generator to create button styles with accessible contrast.

A new short film and essay by Miranda July, inspired by David Hockney’s painting Nichols Canyon (1980).

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