How to make smarter design tradeoffs

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“Throughout development, we are constantly deciding on tradeoffs. Which research method should we use given our time and budget? What design principles should we prioritize more? If we cannot technically build this, what’s our second-best UX solution? Should we postpone the deadline or cut some features?”

How to make smarter design tradeoffs

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Editors’ picks

It’s not about your favorite color
Moving from brand strategy to visual identity.

WCAG 3.0: What you need to know
Everything about the future of accessibility standards.

The UX of design happiness
An often overlooked state of flow.

The French Dispatch posters feature the wonderful world of print journalism.

Make me think

How to be a man
“In the conversation around what it means to be a man, there’s a tug-of-war between two sides that control much of the public discourse. On one side, there are people complaining that young men are too ‘soft’, that they need to stop whining and start ‘acting like a man’. On the other side are people insisting that all traditional masculine behaviour is ‘toxic’ and needs to be thrown out with the trash.”

The dark side of metric fixation
“When organizations optimize metrics at the cost of all else, they expose themselves to metric corruption. Ultimately, as the Facebook scandal illustrates, they may fail their users and their business goals.”

Two kinds of usability
“To catch and solve domain-specific usability problems, the most important thing is understanding the problem and the desired outcome first, independent of the particular design solution. If you deeply understand the space the solution needs to fit into, you can iterate without third-party testers.”

Little gems this week

Why white looks bigger than black: The irradiation illusion

AI as a tool to enhance creativity

A guide to effective emotional design

Tools and resources

Presenting your UI
3 principles to know about.

New Safari bottom tab
And what it means for designers.

Figma tokens
How to use them in your design system.

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