Inaccessible products are broken products

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Digital accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring that everyone has equal access to information, functionality, and experience on digital platforms. We at the UX Collective have partnered with our most prolific accessibility writer, Sheri Byrne-Haber, CPACC, to bring a more candid take on the topic and provide designers and product managers a handbook to get started.

Inaccessible products are broken products. The first step to fix them is to give a damn.

Giving a damn about accessibility

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Editors’ picks

Design confidence
Work hard and confidence will follow.

Humans in the mist
Systematically reintroducing humans into structures designed to benefit them.

In what world?
How Facebook’s decision on the Trump ban reflects poorly on our industry.

Unveiling material you: the next stage for Material Design.

Food for thought

How autonomous cars will communicate with the outside
“So what happens when drivers will be replaced by computers? Is it necessary to facilitate communication between autonomous cars and other road users? And if so, how? Let's go through today's research and see if we can answer these questions.”

Why having friends of different ages matters
“Intergenerational friendships are a dual win — both for society and the individual. (…) As a society, friendships across ages build community and empathy. Studies have shown that mixing with different groups helps to break down stereotypes and decreases issues such as ageism.”

How bad is “gold plating” in UX?
“You will get emotionally involved with your creation, and you will be reluctant to let it go if testing reveals that it needs to change. It’s harder to change something when you invested a lot of time in it.”

Little gems this week

No laughing matter: How sketch comedy can enlighten designers

The little book of accessibility

Netflix vs. decision fatigue: How to solve the paradox of choice

Tools and resources

Empathy prompts
Prompts to consider when making things for others to use.

Polypane 6
A new version of the developer-focused browser is out.

Dark patterns tip line
Notice a website or app up to something suspicious?

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