Introducing yourself without saying your title

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“Stating my role out loud (i.e. designer) as opposed to my title is a good reminder of what brought me to this profession in the first place. It wasn’t a title or a salary. It wasn’t the responsibilities I have embraced through the years (management, talent retention, financial compliance, etc.). It was the craft of design. And I hope it stays like that.”

Introducing yourself without saying your title

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Editors’ picks

The usability heuristics of electronic synthesizers
Bringing a once niche instrument to the mainstream.

Why are we talking so much about design leadership?
When leadership is more about encouraging and engaging.

Design in the physical and digital worlds
Everything created by humans had to be designed.

This creative studio imagined a different future for the traffic light.

Food for thought

Four factors in UX maturity
“Strategy, culture, process, and outcomes. These factors provide a framework to assess the organization’s commitment to UX and its ability to deliver user-centered products and services across all areas of the organization.”

Designing a scalable design organization
“A well designed organization should deliver better outcomes for customers, the business, and team members within the organization. And delivering better outcomes for team members is more important than ever.“

Hacking is the opposite of marketing
“The opposite of hacking is marketing. Marketing tells you that this particular non-stick pan is the pan you’ll use to make omelettes, and you’ll do it in the morning dressed in fashionable clothing in a nice kitchen…”

Little gems this week

What are accessibility overlays good for?

No, standardization doesn’t stifle creativity

Leveraging Craigslist for UX research

Tools and resources

Unicode arrows
Welcome to the best part of the unicode spec.

Free icons, illustrations & photos.

Writing great alt text
Why emotion matters when describing an image.

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