Investing in your career and in your portfolio

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“Turning designers into managers is almost like taking stellar surgeons and giving them the responsibilities of running the hospital”. Shawn Park, Staff Product Designer at Discord, talks to the UX Collective about his career path, portfolio, values, and how his craft has improved as he progressed his career.

Investing in your career — and in your portfolio

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Editors’ picks

Decolonize design
This is what 21st-century design looks like.

Process or intuition?
The paradox between following your intuition vs. a scientific method in UX.

New data ethics
How to build tech that does things differently.

Neuralink is a fully-implanted, wireless, high-channel count brain-machine interface (BMI). And this monkey can use it.

Food for thought

NFTs weren’t supposed to end like this
“By devising the technology specifically for artistic use, McCoy and I hoped we might prevent it from becoming yet another method of exploiting creative professionals. But nothing went the way it was supposed to. Our dream of empowering artists hasn’t yet come true, but it has yielded a lot of commercially exploitable hype.”

Designing for the government
“Designing for government is some of the most difficult design work one can do. It requires the patience of a Dalai Lama, the stakeholder management skills of Don Draper, and the ability to occasionally detach from the work. To say that it’s an obstacle-ridden marathon is a laughable understatement. It takes many projects to very slowly shift the culture towards one that is more conducive to good design.”

Ink traps and pals
“In typefaces, the best-known example of ink traps is Matthew Carter’s Bell Centennial. It is not simply a matter of choosing a smaller font size though, since the phone books were very cheaply printed on very cheap paper, and letters would easily be smudged to the point of illegibility if you didn’t counteract. Carter’s solution was to cut the inside corner deep.”

Why everything in the world will automatically and invisibly lean towards Synchronization.

Little gems this week

Sonic Pixels — the art of drawing with sounds

The line between work and play is Garbage

The sans selection — a case study

Tools and resources

Illustrations for everyone
A growing collection of free, hand-drawn illustrations by a global creative community.

Love life design
How I sorted out my love life using the UX method affinity mapping.

An accessible toggle
A small HTML + CSS only implementation of an accessible toggle.

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