Less doesn’t have to be more. It can just be less.

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So many of us espouse slogans like “less is more” yet practice the opposite. Or, more commonly, we apply them incorrectly. For instance, we are enthusiastically “less is more” when we can do more with less, but not so when our audience does less with our more.

Less doesn’t have to be more. It can just be less.

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Editors’ picks

Profits, growth, and addiction
What responsibility do designers have?

Image descriptions
A human technique that robots can’t grasp.

The LEGO syndrome in design systems
Balancing consistency and contribution in design systems.

A fascinating audit of 7 overused logo letterforms we should all let go of.

Food for thought

Designing a product like an eskimo builds an igloo
“When an Eskimo builds his igloo, he does it with tradition and consistency. And when he goes to sleep, he sleeps well. But when the melting ice wakes him up, and it becomes unbearable to sleep any further, he is motivated to do something about it.”

I ignored the front end development scene for 6 months. It was fine
“There was a time when I would have thought that taking such a break from Front End wasn’t possible. That I had to be aware of all the new frameworks and language features to keep my career on track. I was misguided in my thinking and was placing importance on the results, rather than the process.”

Confronting the power designers wield
“In other words, critical reflexivity is a recognition that the designer or designer researcher does not exist in a vacuum but exists in relationship with what they’re trying to understand, work on, and create. Without practicing self-reflexivity, we don’t challenge the myth that designers are neutral, objective agents.”

Little gems this week

Daring to design with vulnerability

Why Research? Have you tried to answer that question?

The Axe: an object lesson in design

Tools and resources

Auto UI
What is happening on the forefront of in-car interfaces?

Moderated user testing
What makes a good usability test moderator?

Aesthetic lexicon
Learn how to describe a variety of visual styles.

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