Material You had to happen this year

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“As with everything done ‘for everyone’, Material Design mostly benefited the developers by making their lives a lot easier. Designers slowly started turning away from Material and more towards Modern design styles, which was an evolution towards more friendly and organic patterns.”

Material You had to happen this year

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Editors’ picks

The fetishisation of UX
Is our showboating doing us more harm than good?

The difference between
Why interaction design is a different kind of design.

It’s time to rethink phones
Our current generation of phones may be slowing us down.

What the Tulsa race massacre destroyed — interactive (and revealing) article by the New York Times.

Food for thought

Thinking is work
“With remote work, because of an increased need to communicate and align with peers and teammates—and few, ineffective tools for doing so—we find ourselves spending more time communicating than executing and thinking about the work.”

Waking up from the dream of UX
“As the UX profession matures, it’s time to wake up, and begin the real work of making those dreams a reality. But just because we’re moving away from the ‘dream,’ doesn’t mean we’re giving up hope.”

No floor, no ceiling
“The internet gives more people an opportunity to win. But it forces everyone to play the game.”

Little gems this week

The digitally displaced

Emojis and accessibility: How to use them properly

How to find what drives you as a designer

Tools and resources

Learn CSS
An evergreen CSS course to level up your web styling expertise.

Lofi cafe
Curated radios while you’re working.

Than average
Your self-reflection answers compared to 100 strangers.

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