Modern UX design is killing creativity

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“Sometimes good ideas are not so obvious. All the data available can not replace the reward of a risky creative idea that solves a problem and catches on. We like to think that answering user needs can be achieved through testing, research, and ideation pow wows. While this will create a solid user experience, it does no push us forward by taking creative risks.”

Modern UX design is killing creativity

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Editors’ picks

The unseen benefits of accessibility
Necessary for some, but also beneficial to all.

How UX research inspired famous design inventions
4 products we know and use every day.

The role of design in reducing tech’s carbon footprint
How to improve your online eco-credentials.

A visualization of the actual number of Americans jailed or imprisoned, about 2.3 million.

Food for thought

The unseen work of design
“A writer’s real work is the endless winnowing of sentences, the relentless exploration of possibilities, the effort, over and over again, to see in what you started out to say the possibility of saying something you didn’t know you could.”

Digital colonialism
“Over the past decades, transnational ‘Big Tech’ corporations based in the United States have amassed trillions of dollars and gained excessive powers to control everything, from business and labor to social media and entertainment. Digital colonialism is now engulfing the world.”

Asynchronous design critiques
“Asking ‘Any comment?’ is probably one of the worst ways to ask for feedback. It’s vague and open ended, and it doesn’t provide any indication of what we’re looking for.”

Little gems this week

Game design: dark patterns that keep you hooked

We gave up Sketch and rebuilt our design system in Figma

Visualizing career flows in Formula 1

Tools and resources

GitHub Copilot
Is this the end of pair programming as we know it?

UI & UX micro-tips
A collection of handy tips to help improve your designs.

Figma best practices
Industry best practices to accelerate your workflow.

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