Not all metrics are good metrics

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“Data must be used carefully, to inform decision-making rather than blindly drive it. When we automatically default to leaning on the only data available without first understanding context, it can lead to a negative outcome.”

Not all metrics are good metrics

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Editors’ picks

Is UX still viable?
The unintended consequences of user-centered design.

This post is your memory
Assigning memories to objects.

When will design have its next Cybertruck moment?
3 essential pillars to breakthroughs in design.

A labor of love: how this designer fixed and simplified the Universal Pictures logo.

Food for thought

Everything is becoming paywalled—even you
“The next frontier is a world where everyone is an influencer, and we are all just paying for, and being paid for, a litany of perfectly curated feeds.”

How to think beyond ourselves
“Humanity’s hubris and oversimplified world view has fostered an epidemic of short-term thinking resulting in catastrophic consequences time and again. Short-term thinking has trapped us in a repetitive feedback loop, making the same mistakes, doing further damage to our planetary and societal systems and unable to find a way out.”

An alternative voice UI to voice assistants
“The solution to overcome these problems in voice assistants is letting go of natural language responses, and replacing them with realtime visual feedback. Switching feedback to visual will enable the user to give and get feedback simultaneously.”

Little gems this week

All you need is 5 fonts

Some (grammar) rules are made to be broken

Is the telly for everyone?

Tools and resources

How to draw a wireframe
Even if you can’t, you can.

The true cost of a redesign
Incremental improvement vs complete overhaul.

SVG favicons
Moving away from pixelated icons.

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