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“My website needs some love. The design is showing its age—but even worse — I’ve been too busy to update it so it doesn’t even represent my best work. Sound familiar?”

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Editors’ picks

The User is a problematic idea
But so is the Human.

Design lessons from the grim fate of the Segway
Why did the Segway fail and scooters/e-bikes are thriving?

It’s not your fault you suck at video games
A UX perspective on the gaming industry.

Are Amazon and Nike accessible?
Looking at the future considering change factors and megatrends.

Why do people hate redesigns?
Twitter users aren’t handling the changes particularly well.

The Bumpy Typeface project challenges us to rethink our assumptions about gender through type design.

Food for thought

How Figma became design’s hottest startup, valued At $10 billion
“As Google Docs did for word processing and GitHub for code, so Dylan Field’s Figma is doing for design. Employees at companies like Netflix, AirBNB, Zoom and Discord are all users.”

The difference between time and attention
“Every day is the same 24 hour cycle. Every workday around 8 hours. Surely I could have found even 20 minutes a day to work with him. But it wasn’t that. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find the time. I couldn’t find the attention — especially sustained attention.”

The rise of long-form generative art
“The need for consistent minimum output quality is dramatically complicated by the second new demand of long-form generativism: the output space of the algorithm must be varied enough to justify the set of iterations generated from it.”

Little gems this week

The biggest conundrum designers will have to face

Breaking down the creation process of a VFX animation

20 ideas for better data visualization

Tools and resources

UI cheat sheet: Spacing
A detailed guide to spacing friendships.

100 underline animations
A collection of CSS-based underline animations.

A guide to focus indicators
Making them accessible and WCAG-compliant.

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