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“Designing is not a profession but an attitude."
— László Moholy-Nagy

Design is about function and beauty at the same time. Is about subjectivity and rationality. In other words, design is duality. Design lives between ideas, concepts, worlds, and different ways of thinking. design is (can be) a connection. The last one is from László Moholy-Nagy, Hungarian painter, photographer, and former professor in the Bauhaus school.

Redesigning design(ers)

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Editors’ picks

Understanding design debt
How can it be a threat to delivering great UX.

From Bézier curves to balance sheets
Navigating the design continuum.

The value of being a creative weirdo
Aiming for authenticity over social validation.

This website visualizes the products that won capitalism.

Make me think

Why we crave software with style over “branding”
“Within the past few years, tech companies’ digital design all started to look the same: marginally, monotonously quirky; safe. From the sans-serif fonts to the muted pastel color palette, the stark white backgrounds to the curvy shape and hue of the buttons, most modern software blurs together into a familiar, squint-and-you’ll-confuse-it aesthetic. (…)

By appealing to everyone with these clean lines, gradients, and rounded shapes, no one feels particularly compelled by them. And while these brands serve their purpose in attracting the “right” demographic to their software, they also make it difficult to form a meaningful connection with the user — the product feels like a stylistic blank slate.”

Little gems this week

JIRA for designers — the basics

An ode to oddly satisfying product experiences

Why does everything look the same?

Tools and resources

Buttons vs. Links
No, they are not the same.

Figma Logo Layout
Optically scale and distribute logos in a grid.

Variant-powered components in Figma
A hands-on series for getting started with this powerful design tool.

36 logos is a project that reimagines popular logos through a chromatic lens.

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