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“Every new project I feel that shiver in the back of my spine, even though I have probably gone through the same thing so many times. I think that is what motivates me, the fact that I don’t feel comfortable just yet. On top of that, I am quite curious about how things are made, which explains my eternal struggle with programming.”

Interview with Fabio Sasso about leading vs managing, side projects, and setting goals for yourself

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Editors’ picks

Design therapy
Before design thinking, we need design therapy.

Every design is a system
The mark of a great designer is their awareness of system thinking.

Everyone’s usability
Usability is too important to be left to usability professionals.

A thorough look at the cultural impact of the Nike Air Force 1.

Food for thought

Beware the cut ‘n’ paste persona
“Personas are popular because they make “dry” research data more relatable, more human. However, this method constrains the researcher’s data analysis in such a way that the investigated users are removed from their unique contexts.”

The key to understanding why things happen
“Knowing causes helps produce better outcomes. You might not know causes precisely, but you can test hypotheses. Ultimately, a better understanding of the system’s structures and underlying mental models will lead to more skillful interventions.”

How big pharma finds sick users on Facebook
“The Washington Post reported last year that health and pharmaceutical companies spent almost $1 billion on just Facebook mobile ads in 2019. The draw? Unlike a traditional TV or radio ad, Facebook’s ad categories help those companies target their drug ads at users who likely suffer from a specific illness the drug treats.”

Little gems this week

Tridimensionality: skeuomorphism, flat design, and neumorphism

The designer’s burnout first-aid kit

Classic UX books from the 1980s

Tools and resources

A modular toolkit for drag & drop interfaces.

Container queries
A path forward, with single-axis containment.

CSS Hell
Collection of common CSS mistakes, and how to fix them.

This is your brain on architecture.

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