Should designers know how to crypto?

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If you’re a designer and you also love researching things, you should probably buy some cryptocurrency. The goal of this exercise should be to familiarize yourself with a future that’s happening around us right now. As a designer, you should know how transactions work, what are the fees, how you can exchange one crypto asset into another. It’s like learning to use the iPhone for the very first time in 2007 — exciting and a little bit scary at the same time. Here’s why being crypto literate in 2021 is going to be essential.

Should designers know how to crypto? →

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Editors’ picks

Things I wish candidates would ask →
Wasting limited interview time with basic questions is a major missed opportunity.

Are workshops ruining the UX design world? →
No, workshops do not “democratize design”.

What does “after UX” even mean? →
How viral top-of-the-iceberg advice could do more harm than good.

Have you noticed how much of the world now looks like an Apple store?  So what happens after minimalism?

Food for thought

How to put faith in UX →
“This is depressing and I’m sorry. It’s not entirely your fault that we’re in this situation. Design culture has always been self-aggrandizing. Something rarely mentioned in design schools or books is the possibility that good design may have little impact on why some businesses succeed or not.“

How SEO Is gentrifying the internet →
“Since the 1990s, SEO marketing has been a lucrative pursuit for the world’s most scruple-free douchebags. The gentrification of Google’s search results might seem like a minor annoyance, but it has grave implications for the future of an open internet.”

The right right thing to do →
“However, this familiar view ignores the fact that, in many cases, the problem is not how best to override or silence one’s dark side, but how to cope with having too many good or morally neutral demands on your limited time, energy or resources.”

A new, revolutionary UI is just around the corner — here are the signs.

Little gems this week

Instagram can’t touch the visual glory of blank VHS tapes

Designing around bad actors and dangerous actions

Why designers should embrace small wins

Tools and resources

GitHub Skyline →
Visualize your GitHub story in 3D. →
Turn your code snipped into a nice visual asset.

Accessibility overlay →
Should I add an accessibility overlay to my website?

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