The UX of Eternity: can our memories live on in the Metaverse?

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“Recently, a close family friend passed away suddenly — it was jarring and unexpected. As is so common these days, I found out not by a phone call but on social media, where the tributes began flowing in almost immediately. Of course, I was tagged in a number of “memories,” which Facebook none-too-empathetically alerted me about.

Illustrated in my recent experiences is a critical commonality between death and technology: both are inevitable.”

The UX of Eternity: can our memories live on in the Metaverse?

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Editors’ picks

Your main competitor probably isn’t who you think it is
Never ignore the power of the status quo.

The PO vs PM madness
Who owns what? How should they collaborate?

Is your project too human-centric?
How to avoid overdoing the human-centricity of your project.

These maps show the average colors of the world.

Make me think

Can a robot do a designer’s job?
“Could a machine that can generate layouts — that can rapidly distribute and arrange information on a surface over and over again, providing an abundance of options faster than we would have the patience to create ourselves — help us to make better work?”

The largest autocracy on Earth
“Pretending to outsource his most consequential decisions to empty imitations of democratic bodies has become a useful mechanism for Zuckerberg to avoid accountability. He controls about 58 percent of voting shares at the company.”

Why all social networks are doomed, and what will replace them
“Social networks can never ultimately be about people’s needs. They have to make money to exist. That money comes from advertising, or user fees, or data gleaned from observing users, or any of a number of sources — but it’s necessary.”

Little gems this week

Design is not art, and UX is not design

Why designers should move from px to rem — and how to do that in Figma

Three ways to more effectively present your designs

Tools and resources

Designing accordions
A UI cheatsheet.

Cleanup pictures
Remove anything from your pictures.

20 Figma plugins
Taking your workflow to the next level.

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