The UX of video game tutorials

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As games get longer and longer and accommodate increasingly more complex mechanics with increasing hours of game time, it has become evident that teaching everything at the start and calling it a day is no longer sufficient as a tutorial. The concept of “taught when required” has made sure that multiple tutorial sections are present in a game’s journey from start to finish.

The UX of video game tutorials

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Editors’ picks

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The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library featuring images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the clichés.

Food for thought

It’s time to rename the Internet. Let’s call it the Mosaic.
“A better name is not just about clarity, though that matters quite a lot. The right name would have allowed us to better understand, protect, and nurture this thing for what it truly is — the first civilization-wide, simultaneous, collaborative cultural expression in human history.”

How Apple could help us reclaim our attention
“As the provider of iOS and the AppStore, Apple makes the rules for that ecosystem. We believe Apple can and should give users more awareness and control over how they're being manipulated.”

While design waits for a seat at the table, is it missing out on other places to sit?
“I’ve seen too many times over the years that as designers advance into leadership roles they grow to regret the distance their new responsibilities create between their leadership responsibilities and the practice of design.”

Little gems this week

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Tools and resources

Native apps UX
A new UX research study by the Baymard group.

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Insights on how freelancers are redefining the future of work.

From $0 to $4k in 4 months
How I was making $4k/mo after 4 months as a designer.

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