There’s no such thing as fully automated accessibility

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“I furrowed my brow staring long and hard into the pixels of the monitor. Monica had pulled up a website that I had never heard of before, but my attention was caught by the circle stuck to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It had an icon of a little person with their arms outstretched, symbolizing accessibility.”

There’s no such thing as fully automated accessibility

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Editors’ picks

Where did this interaction come from?
A brief history of interaction design.

Applying for public housing or a room at the Ritz
Which one is easier?

Good/bad product designers
Helping teams clarify expectations.

Setups: A repository of workspaces, items & tools from the creator community.

Food for thought

I’m not scared to re-enter society; I’m just not sure I want to
“After so long spent doing nothing, the prospect of having to Do Things again is daunting. My new tolerance for human interaction maxes out at about two hours, after which I start getting secretly antsy to be alone on the couch watching TV again.”

Gridless design
“The web is good at these things, just not in the ways that designers have been accustomed to working. We'll take a look at how we got here and how we might change our perspective. Let's think outside of the grid and allow other guidelines to provide a comprehensive layout.”

Saying no
“So, I’m practicing saying ‘no’ more. It still feels like I’m doing something wrong. I’m alleviating the dread by re-framing incoming requests. Rather than seeing them as obligations, I’m thinking of them as opportunities to flex the ‘no’ muscle.”

Little gems this week

Course-correcting after the digital revolution

Write, revise, destroy

Tips on becoming a successful product design intern mentor

Tools and resources

Is Blender the future of 3D modeling and VFX?

Homepage UX
The current state of homepage UX, with 8 common pitfalls.

Pass-through blending
What is this new blending mode you see on every design tool?

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