Twitter’s new font: an accessibility lesson

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“As is usual with all things new, some love it, some hate it. But those less happy with the new update have raised very valid and important concerns about who it prioritizes vs. who it excludes. An important aspect of the new update is that it’s presented as not just a visual facelift, but an accessibility improvement. Is it, though? Let’s take a deeper look.”

Twitter’s new font and Last of Us 2: an accessibility lesson to be learned

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Food for thought

Reviewing the Safari redesign in iOS 15
“The floating URL bar sometimes feels “in the way.” It’s visually dominant in a way that the old design was not. This is because a floating element requires extra empty space above and below it, so it draws more visual attention than something anchored to an edge of the screen. It’s also located in the space where you’re commonly scrolling or tapping on things.”

Visualizing a codebase
“How can we “fingerprint” a codebase to see its structure at a glance? Let’s explore ways to automatically visualize a GitHub repo, and how that could be useful.”

Developing your expertise beyond “design”
“Can you speak to your subject of expertise in-depth with another expert? Can you describe what’s different about it from other design challenges? Do you have anecdotes about how you started doing things differently once you became well-versed in it? Does your work speak clearly to how you used that expertise to deliver high quality in that area specifically?”

Little gems this week

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Tools and resources

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Annotations, documentation, and whatnots.

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