What can designers learn from NFTs?

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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique and distinct cryptocurrency assets. While one Bitcoin is identical to and interchangeable with another, each NFT is unique, with distinguishing metadata and identification codes. NFTs are certificates of authenticity, using a string of characters to prove ownership and legitimacy.

While they have been around for a while, they’ve exploded in popularity recently as they’ve been embraced by art, music, and entertainment.

What trends and attributes are propelling NFTs’ success?

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Editors’ picks

Taste bubbles
Are we doomed to live in taste bubbles of our own making?

Google’s UX degree
Putting to the test Google’s plan to disrupt the university degree.

Clubhouse UX
What if we used Clubhouse for UX research?

Which one is the TikTok logo? See how well you know tech company logos with Logo Quiz.

Food for thought

The mobile performance inequality gap
“Whatever progress runtimes and networks have made in the past half-decade, browsers are stubbornly situated in the devices carried by real-world users, and the single most important thing to understand about the landscape of devices your sites will run on is that they are not new phones.”

HSL: a color format for humans
“The HSL color format is much closer to how I think about colors than the RGB format. It defines colors in terms of their hue, saturation, and lightness. ‘I want a dark grayish-blue’ instead of ‘I want 180 parts blue, 20 parts red and 30 parts green’.”

Everyone is beautiful and no one is horny
“Modern action and superhero movies fetishize the body, even as they desexualize it. On the surface, it is idyllic, And then the characters speak. The topic of conversation? Military service, of course. One joined for the sake of her political career. Another talks about how badly he wants to kill the enemy. No one looks at each other. No one flirts. A room full of beautiful, bare bodies, and everyone is only horny for war.”

How to deal with difficult people on software projects — a guide.

Little gems this week

Space to move: The relationship between dance, design, and space

A world designed for men with a “just make it pink” mentality

The immortality of typefaces

Tools and resources

Figma accessibility kit
Sample accessibility documentation when handing off designs.

Dataviz color palettes
Which color scale to use when visualizing data.

Accessible or not
Are bad graphical descriptions better than none to someone with vision loss?

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