What does the Safari 15 update mean for my designs?

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Apple introduced iOS 15 with quite minor visual changes, but the biggest visual and conceptual change in the OS is probably Safari. It will get a brand new interface on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Let’s go through everything new and design changes you need to know about.

What does the Safari 15 update mean for my designs?

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Editors’ picks

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A review of Melvin Kranzberg’s tech POV.

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If this is you, you need to reach out.

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Principles for user-centred front-end development.

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Food for thought

We need to talk about WCAG
“The WCAG should stop adding new Success Criteria before the most recent ones have been properly documented, explained and better adopted into websites worldwide. To help the web creating world build an accessible web, the best we can.”

The internet of landlords makes renters of us all
“In short, the Internet of Landlords is based on turning all social interactions and economic transactions into ‘services’ that are mediated by corporate platforms. The proliferation of platforms fills society with ubiquitous digital intermediaries that spread rentier relations far and wide, while also concentrating control over infrastructure and economic value in a small number of large hands.”

How to work with tension in design
“Avoiding tensions is a mistake. Unacknowledged tensions fester, fostering animosity. Colleagues undermine each others’ efforts — often while keeping up a cooperative façade. Counter-intuitively, unacknowledged tensions can also be a missed opportunity to innovate.”

Little gems this week

The rise and fall of Polaroid

The shape, the color, the emotion: Angry Birds’ character design

Micro-expressions in user testing

Tools and resources

Adobe XD presentation
A plugin for XD that makes presenting design easy.

Typography principles
Principles that will improve your type work.

Driving design in a business-driven organization
Increasing design maturity in places that aren’t design-driven.

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