What’s the difference between lead, staff, and principal designer?

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“The differences in my mind are mostly those of scope, responsibility, and visibility. 

As a lead designer, your focus is the project, and your responsibilities are to ensure that you work cross-functionally with PM and Engineering to deliver high-quality work that meets deadlines and expectations.

Staff designers have a broader scope. Their work…”

Full interview with principal designer Madhavi Jagdish

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Editors’ picks

Dispo App buzz
The buzz around Dispo and the delight of delayed gratification.

UX friction
Why we need more friction in our algorithms.

Pandemic revolution
Is the pandemic accelerating the fourth industrial revolution?

Your face is not your own: the secretive face recognition startup that blew the future of privacy wide open.

Food for thought

Speeding up design discussions
“Have you ever found yourself in a discussion that goes in circles or seemingly does not get resolved? In most cases, a straightforward question can save you a lot of time: ‘Out of ten, how much do you care about this topic [your reasoning]?’”

A pioneer of digital design looks back on a defining era
“Interface design was full of thoughtful little innovations and touches of magic, like hovering a cursor over a blurry object to bring it into focus. ‘I know that probably doesn’t sound like much now, but at the time it took a lot to make that happen,’ Ms. Staples said.”

Computers and creativity
“Collaborative software as we know it was born soon after in the form of Google Sheets, the first simultaneous multiplayer software. The state of collaborative software today is a testament to the progression of tools for creativity, as well as the room we still have left to help them reach their full potential.”

The dark UX patterns targeting children — and how in-app advertising proliferated during the pandemic.

Little gems this week

How to write inclusive, accessible digital products

Can design trends be accessible?

Cheats to make your portfolio look redesigned — without actually doing anything

Tools and resources

Sketch 71
Real-time collaboration has now arrived on Sketch.

The component gallery
A repository of interface components based on real examples.

Text over image
How to ensure legibility and accessibility, via CSS.

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