Why minimalism never goes out of style

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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
— Coco Chanel

Perhaps the most influential quote from one of the most influential people. Literally — French fashion icon and businesswoman Coco Chanel was listed as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the 20th century. Trends in fashion come and go with the decades, but minimalist styles will always stick around.

Why minimalism never goes out of style

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Editors’ picks

Zuckerberg’s Zeitgeist
A culture of shame, addiction, and dishonesty.

The $12 billion company
How the first version of Mailchimp was designed.

What happened to the magic?
The case for making space in design.

1000 dreams: A project about refugees, by refugees.

Make me think

The pros and cons of professional language
“Most industries have their own professional language — often described as “jargon” by the less generous amongst us. Some may point out how ironic it is that designers—who pride themselves in making things easy to understand—use language that deliberately obfuscates meaning.”

Why am I not rich & famous? — the delusion of our times
“While there were a lot more media in my childhood than my parents, my primary influences were still physical. Someone born after the millennium is often influenced by what happens on their smartphone. They copy the behavior of celebrities and social media stars.”

Learning and being wrong
“Don’t put your confidence in your knowledge, put it in your ability to learn. Learning means changing, modifying, and updating your knowledge.If you consider yourself a learner, your confidence will quickly shatter if it’s placed in your own knowledge because learning—by definition—changes, modifies, and updates your knowledge.”

Little gems this week

What can celebrity overexposure teach us about redesigns?

Beyond delight; the memorable experience framework

How to use design to make public spaces unusable and unappealing

Tools and resources

Grainy gradients
The texture that’s taking over Dribbble.

Turn your design rules into design tools.

7 visuals
Frameworks that will save your next meeting.

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