Will advertising succumb to UX?

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“There is gathering evidence to the idea that we are entering an experience-based economy, where people’s relationships, propensity to use or buy from brands and their overall knowledge of a company will be focused as much, or even more on, their digital interactions with a brand rather than on TV commercials or more traditional advertising methods. Where brands and their products and services are so heavily commoditised in a globalised, competitive marketplace, the experience is the thing that’ll resonate and keep customers coming back.”

Will advertising succumb to UX?

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Editors’ picks

The UX of new parenthood
Why we’ve got to conceive a better way.

Can design change the world?
Design won’t make the world a better place unless we do.

The politics of pay transparency in design
Design capitalist or communist: where do you stand?

Draw some letters and create your own typeface in just a few minutes.

Food for thought

A future of design without designers?
“On one side of the equation you’ll see the rise of component libraries like UIKit and Tailwind UI, which allow developers to throw together relatively convincing looking interfaces with little or no design capability. On the other side of the equation you have increasingly sophisticated no-code tools like Webflow, which purport to do away with the need for a developer.”

The Internet is for accessible pornography
“Given that one in 4 adults in the United States has a disability, it doesn’t take a huge leap to realize that many of PornHub’s 100 million daily visits are from disabled people.”

The evil of non-banality
“There’s a certain mystique that emergency personnel have cultivated within our society for how they deal with crisis situations. The structural engineer or building inspector who painstakingly ensures that such catastrophic failures are avoided, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly receive the type of hero worship that ‘our brave men and women in uniform’ do.”

Little gems this week

Tokyo 1964: the Olympic benchmark

The love/obligation dilemma in companies

How parenting made me a better designer

Tools and resources

UI design tips
A collection of tricks to design better UI.

Design handoff
What engineers really want to see.

A comprehensive list of interactions
A review of the opportunities with humans, computers, and software.

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