Your schedule needs white space too

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White space is a designer’s best friend and most powerful ally. It’s what gives great visual work breathing room. It creates moments of silence that amplify the areas of focus. It forms groupings and builds rhythm. We’d never question the value of whitespace — it’s one of the most fundamental building blocks of our trade.

But how often do we consider the need for white space outside of design, in our lives? Shouldn’t the same benefits of white space apply there too?

Your schedule needs white space too

Too many meetings will (slowly) kill you

How can you find time to design?

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Editors’ picks

Measure twice, cut once
How does an ancient carpentry expression apply to digital product design?

The UX of Tiktok’s feed
The more choices you have, the harder to make one.

Interfaces should be about feeling
Humans take actions in the world, and the world responds.

The beautiful simplicity of photographer Jennifer Latour’s bound species.

Make me think

Work is a false idol
“In China this April, a former factory worker named Luo Huazhong drew the curtains and crawled into bed. Then he posted a picture of himself there to the Chinese website Baidu along with a message: ‘Lying Flat Is Justice.’ On Chinese social media, Mr. Luo’s manifesto, and his assertion that he has a ‘right to choose a slow lifestyle’ of reading, exercising and doing odd jobs to get by, quickly went viral. Sympathizers shared versions of a belief that is gaining global resonance: Work has become intolerable. Rest is resistance.”

The prototyping mindset
“Prototyping doesn’t have to just be seen as a development tool. Instead, if you approach this as a way of shaping how you work, it becomes relevant to different situations and at different stages of research, design and delivery.”

Little gems this week

Creating a handwritten font for Culture Amp

How colored LED lights can make you cut back on kilowatts

The radical elegance of memes for hard-to-describe feelings

Tools and resources

UX/UI games
A list of games for bored (and curious) designers.

Stark for Mac
Streamlining accessibility compliance with a new Mac app.

Motion for the web. A JavaScript animation library with a GUI.

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