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Redesigning a breaking Twitter

The State of UX in 2023

A vibe shift is coming

Who are we without our algorithms?

Dying to be online

How Twitter’s layoffs affect us all

Why design trends are bad for business

All designers start as copycats (and that’s ok)

Beyond form and function: Design is poetry

Design is not a formula, it’s an odyssey

Shhh: don’t tell the new designers

Queen Elizabeth’s legacy: a guide on giving tribute with UX

Research vs Vision

Mourning Figma: the end of a chapter

The aesthetics of our new fictions

Five areas Figma need to improve on to stay a step ahead

Facelift, Refresh, Redesign — strategies for paying off Design Debt

The UX bootcamp model is broken

Genderless design is a myth

Junior designers need your help

UX researchers’ role in shaping AI products and services

A brief history of the numeric keypad

UX principles for AI art tools like DALL·E

How returning to the craft taught me to be a better leader

Should designers PM?

The vanishing designer

The unintended consequences of our designs

The mechanics of non-human personas

Metaverse, you’re cringe (right now)

Inclusive design 101

Web3 has a user experience problem

A product design process for the real world

Cookie consent UX, Figma auto-layer, scaling vs. growth, principles vs. values

How can we practice design without harming the Planet? 🌎

Is Agile an anti-design pattern?

Why web3 user interfaces will suck for a while

Have we lost something essential?

Advanced Figma tricks, Neobrutalism, UX sketching, the phases of UX research

Should “cancel” be a button or a link?

What is the antidote to a reactive product strategy?

I’m a PostIt® Note Designer

Should you ever NOT listen to user feedback?

How to tell if an organization is ready for UX

Following a framework doesn’t guarantee good results

Why do we round corners?

Everyone is a subscription

Why designers should remove Hooked from their reading list

Wordle UX: Sometimes a game just feels good

Why are all popular NFTs avatars? (from a product perspective)

Should we all lose faith in UX?